About us

Metaling Pro d.o.o
Family owned company from Užice (Republic of Serbia) manufacturing products from wire.

We started in 1987 with production of common nails and small nails for different craft makers. Over the time, Metaling Pro became large producer of various wire products.

Due to the growth of our product portfolio as well as increase in production volumes, we moved to the industry zone of Užice (Krčagovo) where we currently own large production and warehouse facilities.
We are successfully exporting our products for more than 20 years around the world. The satisfaction of our clients is our best recommendation.

History of Metaling Pro:

1987. – Company foundation and start of first nail production
1992. – start of production of hard metal tools (bolts, pins, punchers) by high precision grinder (centrales)
1995. – start of production bright drawn wire in coils and straightened wire
1998. – start of production of nails made of aluminium, copper, brass, Inox, etc
2000. – acquisition of plastic molding machines and start of production of special roofing nails
2001. – introduction of crimped wire mesh production line
2005. – installation of machine for painting small pieces (nails/screws/washers)
2008. – start of production of high quality nails for concrete with and without washer
2010. – production of black annealed wire
2012. – product portfoglio extension to panel fence, barb wire and galvanized wire
2015. – acquisition of production line for nails in coils
2017. – acquisition of production line for bucket handles
2019. – increased production capacity of nails in coils and bucket handles

Our Objectives

The main objective of Metaling pro is to be attentive to the needs of its customers on a daily basis.
We are constantly striving to be as efficient as possible offering the best quality/price ratio for all our products and services.
Our objectives are being achieved through team work and with deep respect of family values.

Our Mission

We want to be a trusted supplier to our clients – the one they can always count on. In order to achieve this, we focus on product quality, remarkable service and financial stability.
Our flexibility and integrity are recognised and often highlighted by our clients as our key competitive advantage.
At the same time, we aspire to create the best working conditions for our team, where employees can accomplish their work objectives and further develop their careers within the company.
As a socially responsible company, our success is being shared with the local community.